Friday, August 6, 2010

Endhiran Audio Review and Download

The album begins with the song 'Pudhiya manidha vaa' which gives us enough room to visualize a song on the Robo. The voice of A R Rahman infuses with the superlative SP Balasubramaniam and it begins amidst an opera of techno composition and SPB’s metallic voice stands out of the song unlike the rest of the songs which is overwhelmed with stimulating music. Khatija Rahman, daughter of the Mozart of Madras makes her debut in this introduction of Robo and has set afoot in the music industry.

Rahman enters his favorite genre with 'Kadhal anukkal', a mesmerizing romance number with the guitar strumming lingering in your head for the rest of the day. The song has an intoxicated slant to the tune and the voices of Vijay Prakash of Veera(Ravanan) fame and the silken pitches of Shreya Goshal is sure to yearn for encore. The bagpipe and the lyircs will steal our hearts! This song is vowed to top the charts for many months to come.

'Irumbile oru idhayam' song stands out at its grandiose of performance and music. It has a distinctive feel of robot and the compelling voice of AR Rahman sets our emotions aflame. The rap sung by Kash n Krissy takes you a step ahead and makes you wonder if it is a performance at the grandeur Grammy. The beat, the rap, the pace, the voices and the lyrics ticks all the boxes and has set a stage for the most dazzling dance number of recent times.

'Chitti dance showcase' is indeed a showcase of performance and drums! It is most likely the theme song with an out-and-out English rap and an interesting mix of rhythmic syllables recital the “theermanam”. The music is powerful with electric guitars and drums and taking the centre stage. It is interspersed with the classic theermanam and the western appeal relents into the melodic violin compositions.

'Arima Arima' is yet another Hariharan’s objet d'art. Sadhana Sargam has lent her voice to the coveted female lead who sings for the Endhiran with a hint of loss. The lyrics speak volumes about the ultimate Endhiran and his power and supremacy over the mere mortals.

‘Kili Manjaro’ - The techno, western percussions that had a grip over the album concedes a bit into this tribal take. Javed Ali, the voice of anecdotes and the versatile Chinmayi make an excellent duo and the beat/pace of the song keeps you perky and on toes. The song takes possession of you with the “ak ka ko” and “ap pa po” of the lyrics.

'Boom boom robo-da' is an outright Endhiran eulogy. The Tamil rap by Yogi B gives you the thought and hint of the song. The lyrics are quite mystifying with references of Rajni Kanth’s magnificence among the common. The music is entirely techno with voices of Tanvi Shah, Swetha Mohan and Krithi Sagathia infusing over one another’s.

The entire album gives an upbeat electro sense and wings to our imaginations. The music is convinced to grow on you, if not an instant hit.

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