Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interim Management Partners

Change is inevitable. The only thing that never changes in this world is the Change. Be it anything from a small daily-use product to Software Industry, everything is subject to change. Either we change ourselves or the external factors like change in market trend or change in people's mind drives various industries to change. We must embrace the change with open hands. So, What is Interim Management? Interim Management is a short term process with the goal to manage changes easily and profitably. In short, Interim Management is synonymous to Change Management.

Many companies, be it Information Technology, Retail, Automobile, HR, and so on, all are subject to Interim Management more often nowadays. Changes are so quick, you stay if you cope with the change, else you are thrown out of business. So, Interim Management is very critical. It is mandatory and very important to have very intelligent resources for Interim Management. Also, the fact is that it is very difficult to find such resources at the trying and urgent times.

Here comes the importance of Interim partners. These Interim partners keep track of many intelligent and useful resources and they can recruit such resources for your companies at the time of Interim Management at very good rates.


  1. Many executives who initially think they need a management consultant ultimately decide to deploy an interim manager. A recent survey of 100 senior directors in UK companies showed that 78% felt that interim managers offer clear advantages over management consultants.

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