Monday, December 28, 2009

Duplicate File Finder to tackle Storage problems

Storage is a big problem in computers today. Redundant data found at various places in the system greatly affect the storage capacity. Also people are so keen taking back-up of their files at different places to prevent loss of data. Sometimes two or three back-ups reduce the storage space left and also affects the system's efficiency and capability to a greater extent.

Recently, my friend had a prolem in his office. It was related to the issue we are dealing with now. He took back-ups of various files at various places in various names. He made many back-ups that he could not identify which file is the back-up of which file. In confusion, he deleted a file permanently, for which there was no back-up. Since it was a permanent delete, he could not retrieve it. Also it was a critical file and so he was pushed into a problem. Later he came across a free software called
duplicate file finder. This software found the duplicates of a file, even if they were saved in different names at different places. He felt a lot as why he did not come across this software before he got himself into a problem. The software was very effective, useful and user-friendly to solve all storage problems.

Take duplicate file finder and Forget storage problems.

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