Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chiru's Quits MLA: Is it Under Pressure?

For a Unified Andhra, actor turned politician Chiranjeevi is quitting his MLA post. He comes from the Tirupati constituency and thus claim that his decision of quitting as MLA would result in unifying Andhra again.

He has taken full responsibility for his words in of the assembly proceedings when he was asking for separate Telangana. He has suddenly changed sides and now seems Anti-Telangana. Chiru had been having multiple discussions with his party senior leaders before giving out his decision. Some sources believe that Chiru is forced by the PRP leaders to make such a decision. The party's stand has disappointed many of its members who are pro-Telangana. This decision from Chiranjeevi is most probably to show his support for the outcry of the people of Andhra!

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