Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kanden Kadhalai - Review

The remake of the popular Hindi movie "Jab We Met" is doing all the magic in Kollywood. The movie is an youthful romantic drama that has all the young people forming the crew to work together for their success. Bharath plays the role of Sakthi who has lost his love, who is almost in the stage of losing himself. That is when the hero meets up with the Heroine Tammana playing the role of Anjali.

Tammana has got an extra-ordinary Chance to prove her acting skills with a whole of emotions. In fact, its the action of Tammana that has added life to the movie. Bharath's character in the first half is more like an young man who has lost in his love, his business and almost everything who has nothing much left to be alive. It is Tammana who charms up his life - they meet up accidentally when Tammana loses her train. The life of Bharath changes tremendously on watching how Tammana behaves. he helps her move out of her house to go her love. Bharath then continues his business and life as if he was having Anjali (Tammana ) with him. Everything seem to change so fast. He would become the most successful businessman in the world. As things change for Bharath, so they would for Tammana as well. She gets cheated by her lover and face depression. Bharath would find her and bring her to charm again.

The whole story shows us how life would have both ups and downs. Gives everyone a new perspective to think about. Hope you all would enjoy watching the movie.

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