Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vettaikaran not released for Diwali - Out of Diwali Race

As Diwali is nearing, Kollywood is getting ready for big releases this year. But the bad news for all Vijay fans is that, it is almost certain that Vettaikaran will not be released for this Diwali!

A song is being shot followed by post production work, and it will be impossible to get it ready for the festival of lights falling on October 17. A song which was to be shot in New Zealand, was changed due to certain visa problems. Now the same song which was to be shot abroad is being canned at Pune, Lonavala and surrounding areas on Vijay and Anushka.

Vettaikaran has been aquired by Kalanathi maran’s Sun Picutures. Another fact is that all the movies acquired by Sun Pictures have never been released on the expected date. It has always postponed the release of much awaited releases. Some examples are Kandasamy, Ayan, etc.

Hope Vettaikaran will be out for Christmas.

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