Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Best Two Factor Authentication Technology for Security

As technology has been reaching great heights, hacking and intrusions have also increased side-by-side. So, it is necessary that Security must be considered a primary issue. If security is not checked, there is always a potential risk of valuable data being stolen or misused. At the same time, Organizations are not ready to spend a lot on security. Hence, there is a need of a security methodology that complies to the parameters like less expensive, easily deployable, easy to use and satisfactory.

Two Factor Authentication is the most secure method of authenticating a user. The idea of Two Factor Authentication is to authenticate a user by two passwords or secret pin. The are various methods of implementing the Two Factor Authentication are by phone, RSA Secure ID and Smart Cards. The best method among these is Two Factor Authentication by phone. The basic idea behind this is, when a user tries to log in to a system or website, he/she provides a user ID and password. Once this is done, he/she would get a call to his/her mobile phone. Just answer the call and press # or enter a pin. This will authenticate the user to log in to system or website.

Two Factor Authentication by phone is very advantageous when compared to
RSA SecurID and Smart Card because of its features like low-cost, easy to use, scalability and easily deployable. Security at low-cost is definitely welcome in today's situation of economic crisis.

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