Wednesday, October 14, 2009

E-mail and Data Management made Easy

Sometimes, data management, file management seems very difficult and annoying. The main reason is that there is always a lot to manage!!! Just take the simple example of your Outlook inbox where you will have bulk of e-mails every morning. Some of them very important, some of them official or personal, but most of them are junk e-mails or spam e-mails. It gets very difficult every morning to keep looking at all the e-mails, to figure out the important ones to be backed up. When such an important e-mail gets accidentally deleted, your task becomes even more tedious to get it back to its place.

Once it happened that I had got nearly 5 mails from one of our clients. All the mails were just chat mails except for one which had an important attachment. Unknowingly I deleted all the mails and the important mail with the attachment got deleted. I could not mail the Client asking them to resend the attachment again, because it would create a bad impression on our company. When I discussed this problem with one of my colleagues, he suggested me to use PST Repair. I was taken by surprise when this tool easily recovered the deleted mail with attachment perfectly in a few seconds.

Then I thanked my friend for such a timely help. He also told me about various problems in handling data and solutions to them. We manage the important data through our e-mails. Sometimes it happens that a very important e-mail gets deleted accidentally. You can recover the deleted e-mail or data with the help of the PST repair. This works perfect for all the versions of Outlook and supports in the recovery of e-mails, messages, notes, contacts, calendar details, etc. Sometimes you deal with extremely confidential data that says "eyes only" meaning which you have to delete it once read. It cannot be ensured that the confidential file is fully deleted on trashing it from Recycle bin or deleting it by Shift + Delete. It doesn't mean that it is fully deleted if its not present in the Recycle Bin. The best choice is to go for File Shredder that ensures a file is fully deleted. Some more products like Data Sanitizer and Email Recovery would help greatly in managing data efficiently. My friend suggested me to go for a free demo version to try out the PST repair, File Shredder, Data Sanitizer and other products, then to buy the full version satisfactorily. I did so and now I am least worried about my e-mail and data management as I have PST Repair with me.

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