Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Complete Guide On Fire Ants

Fire Ants are a kind of stinging insects that belong to the same group as bees and wasps. Fire ants are unique and dangerous because of their repeated stinging habit and high concentration of poisons in their stings.

There are several ways to control the fire ant invasion. A general way to kill the fire ants is to use Bait Treatments where the Queen Ant is prevented from laying eggs there by destroying the entire colony of ants. Another approach available is fire ant control organic. There are many places that sell worm feces that can act as good organic repellents. Simple home based remedy is to use Boiling water on the fire ant colonies. This might not be 100% effective as the ant colony can move to a new place.

Fire Ants and their stings are very dangerous - sometimes even causing death! Often baby animals which cannot move may die from the merciless sting of the fire ant. Death in highly sensitive human beings is also possible. So, take proper care to vanish the fire ant colony from your garden!!

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