Monday, October 26, 2009

Advanced Screen Locking System

Screen Pass is an amazing screen locking system for Windows that gives the best security to the unattended computers. When any computer is left unattended, after a certain period of time, the screen saver takes over. At the return of the user, it might prompt for the credentials to sign into Windows again. But what if the password protection is being turned off by the user ? It increases the risk of the computer being handled by the unauthorized users.

Screen Pass is the best solution for additional screen security. It provides the auto logoff feature which automatically logs off a particular user from a computer if its idle for a specified time limit. This increases the better usability of the computer. The logout action can be set to logoff, restart, shutdown or power down. In addition to this excellent feature, Screen Pass also ensures that the password protection for screen saver is always turned on. Screen Pass allows for the centralized control of the security options. The number of screen savers can be made limited by the administrator by just giving the file name.

Screen Pass Screen Locking Security System has so many other advantages - So get Screen Pass right away to enjoy secure computing!!!!!

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