Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aadhavan - Hit or Flop ?!?!?!

Deepavali release Suriya's new Movie "Aadhavan" has given mixed reactions among the audience. Director K.S.Ravi Kumar and Suriya's venture was expected to give a sure shot hit. But it has not done enough magic. Suriya pairs with Nayantara for the second time after Gajini. Aged looks of Nayantara doesn't seems to attract the anyone except Suriya in the movie.

One of the special attraction in the movie is the 10 year old Suriya. Suriya has done his part well and worked hard to be the director's hero. Some of his dance steps seem to repeat and look the same as in Ayan. After major hits of Vaaranam Ayiram and Ayan, this movie is not going to be a box office hit for the reason that the story seem to be very old and seen several times by Tamil Audience.

The second half of the movie is too dragging and not as good as the second part. The music by Harris was not upto the expectation of the audience. Only 2 songs have reached out well. If not for the Vadivelu's comedy, the theaters would be empty after the interval.

Movie can be a fair hit as the Diwali competition seems too less.


  1. aadhavan is actually not filling the expectations
    nothing seems good in that movie other than the stunts that also replaying the ayan

  2. I am SURYA,....Its a FLOPPPPPP
    Please never watch it...
    It ran out of theatre in one day

  3. bull shit .....nayantara is looking like surya's aunt.......cant understand why these directors are giving a whole film for nayantara, instead of an item dance...!

  4. not so good, but better.i think a little disappointment to all suriya fans including me.but suriya will fill our hearts by making "singam" a big hit.

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