Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prince Resort - North Myrtle Beach's Favourite

North Myrtle Beach is a serene location embraced by the scenic beauty of nature and fresh ocean air, where one can spend time peacefully with their loved ones. There is no limit for fun, frolic and divine peace. Cherry Grove Fishing pier is the most salient feature of the North Myrtle Beach which has a great tourist attraction by its beautiful locale and it is a must-visit spot, atleast once in life-time. Myrtle Beach Resorts are found in plenty along the Beach. The pick of the resorts is the Prince Resort, which situated right at the entrance of the Cherry Grove Pier.

Myrtle Beach Resort like Prince Resort would be a fun-filled place to visit. There are plenty of options like Amusement, Shopping, Shows, Cherry Grove Pier, museums, parks, various dining options and Leisure activities to enjoy. Myrtle Beach Accommodations are simple to book and very luxurious to stay. And Prince Resort gives the most breath-taking view of the Myrtle Beach and the Cherry Grove. Hospitality at Prince Resort is also a great one, that one can never forget in lifetime.

Spend some time with your dear ones by booking a Myrtle Beach Accommodation and Cherish the moments for your lifetime!!!

Narendra Modi has Swine FLU

Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi has Swine flu. It was confirmed after his medical test for H1N1 A was found to be positive. Narendra Modi, who led a five member delegation to Russia, returned to India on 28th October. On 29th October he was suffering from Cough, head ache, etc. Still, he managed to complete his entire day's appointments. At a stage, he could not bear discomfiture and sort medical assistance. Then he underwent a lot of medical tests and he tested H1N1 A positive. Now the doctors have advised a complete week's rest.

The great thing is that, Modi being a strong supporter of Hinduism, Muslims in Ahmedabad made special prayers today to get their CM back well. This is India for you!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

London Dreams releases today

London Dreams releases today amidst much expectations from Bollywood fans. This movie is crucial for Salman Khan because his last release Mein aur Mrs. Khanna failed after his successful Wanted. Also this movie is special for Asin, as it would increase her Bollywood market value, if it turns to be hit after the blockbuster Ghajini. Already the songs have reached the audience very well which is a very positive sign.

Hope the movie satisfies the Bollywood fans and become a Super Hit.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comedians Aarthi and Ganeshkar Enter Wedding Life

On October 23rd, the wedding of the kollywood comedians and Manada Mayilada fame Aarthi and Ganesh took place in Guruvayoorappan Temple in Kerala. Following the wedding, there was a grand reception in Chennai Accord. There were many celebrities who attended the reception function. The most important being the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Karunanidhi, Stalin, BakiyaRaj, AVM Saravanan, R.B.Choudary, Jeeva, PandiaRajan.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Settle Your Debts Easily

In this period of financial crisis everywhere, People are heavily hit by debts and are unable to manage coming out of them. Debt Management and debt settlement plays an important role in planning our actions according to the severity of our debts to overcome them. Everyone cannot plan and manage their debts efficiently. It is better to seek help from wise people rather than trying to solve it ourselves and ending in a tragedy.

Debt Negotiators are the "Go-To" Persons in Debt Management sector. They not only provide details on Debt Management, but also help in Debt solutions. They provide various options like IVA, remortgage, debt consolidation loan, debt management plan and suggest the best of these which suits our condition. You can learn more about the debt solutions available online.

Childhood Photos of Great Stars


Isha Deol


Deepika Padukone




Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Asin

Today, the new Bollywood heroine Asin celebrated her birthday. Don't be curious to ask what's her age!!! That will not be told when a celebrity especially heroine celebrates her birthday. The good thing is that she celebrated her birthday here at Chennai which took her to great heights in her career. Look at the pictures of Asin celebrating her birthday with children at BIG FM.

Advanced Screen Locking System

Screen Pass is an amazing screen locking system for Windows that gives the best security to the unattended computers. When any computer is left unattended, after a certain period of time, the screen saver takes over. At the return of the user, it might prompt for the credentials to sign into Windows again. But what if the password protection is being turned off by the user ? It increases the risk of the computer being handled by the unauthorized users.

Screen Pass is the best solution for additional screen security. It provides the auto logoff feature which automatically logs off a particular user from a computer if its idle for a specified time limit. This increases the better usability of the computer. The logout action can be set to logoff, restart, shutdown or power down. In addition to this excellent feature, Screen Pass also ensures that the password protection for screen saver is always turned on. Screen Pass allows for the centralized control of the security options. The number of screen savers can be made limited by the administrator by just giving the file name.

Screen Pass Screen Locking Security System has so many other advantages - So get Screen Pass right away to enjoy secure computing!!!!!

Now THAT is SALSA ! !

Enjoy this mind-blowing Salsa dance!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

London Dreams - A Musical treat

London Dreams is the upcoming and one of the much expected movie this year. It has Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan and Asin in the lead. The movie has its story revolving around two men whose passion and life is only music. Since the movie is music-based, music is given much importance and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy team has scored a wonderful album for this movie. Asin plays a South-Indian girl in the movie. Salman is playing a totally different role in the movie after his recent movies Wanted and Mrs.Khanna.

London Dreams SONGS

Lets hope that the movie turns a big hit.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Your Business can Succeed

Starting is a Business now is a risky endeavor according to many people especially at this time of financial crisis. But it is a wrong notion. Businessmen who are planning to take up mid-size businesses must not be pessimistic, but be motivated and inspired by some examples that have succeeded even during this period of crisis. Inc. 500 lists the top 500 companies in the world that have produced great results even during these trying times.

Generational Equity is a company that is ranked #192 this year for its stellar performance. Generational Equity started in the year 2004 producing an annual turnover of $ 3.6 million. But during this period of economic crisis, it has grown to produce a turnover of over $50 million. It advises mid-size businesses not only on mergers and acquisitions, but also on exit strategy planning when business is not really worth doing. It has been ranked among top 10 in many famous Business and Service issues and awards.

Watch GOA - Official Trailer

Enjoy watching the recently released official movie teaser of GOA.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Your Wedding

Getting married is very exciting and a major event in any one's life. Your wedding should be as unique and special as you are. The planning for a wedding starts way ahead and there are so many things to decide upon. When it comes to the wedding, everyone wants that to be special right from the flowers, wedding dresses, invitations, parties, food, reception and ceremony sites. There are many rituals that take place before the actual wedding ceremony. One such important event is 'The Engagement'. Its the time to publicly express your love for each other and make special promises to each other.

Selecting the Engagement Ring is very important for the fact that it signifies the next step of your relationship. You always want to make sure that the ring chosen is the one your fiance would absolutely love. While choosing the engagement ring, there are certain things to be kept in mind. First, the budget and next the quality of the ring. Simply speaking, your source of the engagement ring must be reliable. can be the best choice. They have antique engagement rings available that look really amazing and trendy. These rings are studded with paved diamonds in unique shapes that would attract anyone at the first sight. The rings are available in white gold as well as yellow gold to cater to the tastes and likes of every customer. Very attractive discount offers are also in place at for all the varieties of rings. Another attraction from Clevereve is that they offer live help online and would contact you given your e-mail id.

Why wait??!! Be a super-satisfied Clevereve's customer. Happy Wedding!!! :)

Its NAMITHA after Nayantara

Young Machans and fans of the hot actress Namitha would soon have a so called visual treat. Actress Namitha is trying to follow Nayantara expecially in pleasing the audience. In the movie Billa, Nayantara showed up her perfect figure by appearing in bikini for a shot. Namitha is going to do the same. YES!!!!! Namitha is expected to appear in bikini for one of her films.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Amazing Grandfather Clocks

Are you a person who would love to treasure the history and at the same time want it to be trendy and new? Did you ever heard of the new grandfather clocks ? Have a close look at the new, trendy looking and yet very historical grandfather clock which I had gifted to my uncle.This particular grandfather clock falls under the brand Howard Miller clocks which are one of the most popular and well received grandfather clocks. This clock is made up of high quality solid wood that uses the Kieninger German made movements. My Uncle was so excited looking at his favorite artistic grandfather clock. The grandfather clock made its place perfectly in a corner of his living room to match the ambiance.

There are many other brands of grandfather clocks available which include Kieninger, Bulova, Ridgeway and Hermle Grandfather clocks. All these look very trendy and classic. There is a specific reason I chose the Howard Miller clock - My Uncle likes its unique design. There are so many places that tend to sell grandfather clocks. But be sure to go to a reliable and well reputed site to get your new grandfather clock.

Cheap and Trendy Furniture

Rightly chosen furniture make your home or office look best. Interior decorations strongly depend on the way a place is furnished. One has to be very thoughtful and innovative while deciding on the furniture. Wondering where you would get the best furniture for your home? Answer is right here - Get Max Furniture with a single click!!

Furniture play a major role in beautifying your home. When the furniture are chosen properly, they can turn a very old looking house into a very trendy home.

At Max Furniture Info online, one can find all kinds of home furnishing at prices available to every range of people. Living room furniture which includes Fabric Sofas, Leather Sofas, Sectional Sofas. Pub/Bar Tables, Casual Tables, Formal Tables, Round Tables are some of the dining room furniture available. Metal beds and youth furniture look amazing. Outdoor furniture like Cast/Metal, Teak wood, Wicker/Resin are designed to suit the need of every customer.

For more information, please visit max furniture blog immediately!!

Lets Go to Goa with Venkat Prabhu and Team

Venkat Prabhu is coming up with another mind blowing romantic comedy very soon. The Movie "Goa" has Vaibhav, Premji Amaran, Jai doing the lead hero roles against Sneha, Piaa and Juliana Fine doing the lead heroine roles.

Soundarya Rajinikanth is producing this movie under the Ocher Production Banner. Yuvan Shankar Raja is doing the music score.

Complete Guide On Fire Ants

Fire Ants are a kind of stinging insects that belong to the same group as bees and wasps. Fire ants are unique and dangerous because of their repeated stinging habit and high concentration of poisons in their stings.

There are several ways to control the fire ant invasion. A general way to kill the fire ants is to use Bait Treatments where the Queen Ant is prevented from laying eggs there by destroying the entire colony of ants. Another approach available is fire ant control organic. There are many places that sell worm feces that can act as good organic repellents. Simple home based remedy is to use Boiling water on the fire ant colonies. This might not be 100% effective as the ant colony can move to a new place.

Fire Ants and their stings are very dangerous - sometimes even causing death! Often baby animals which cannot move may die from the merciless sting of the fire ant. Death in highly sensitive human beings is also possible. So, take proper care to vanish the fire ant colony from your garden!!

Aadhavan - Hit or Flop ?!?!?!

Deepavali release Suriya's new Movie "Aadhavan" has given mixed reactions among the audience. Director K.S.Ravi Kumar and Suriya's venture was expected to give a sure shot hit. But it has not done enough magic. Suriya pairs with Nayantara for the second time after Gajini. Aged looks of Nayantara doesn't seems to attract the anyone except Suriya in the movie.

One of the special attraction in the movie is the 10 year old Suriya. Suriya has done his part well and worked hard to be the director's hero. Some of his dance steps seem to repeat and look the same as in Ayan. After major hits of Vaaranam Ayiram and Ayan, this movie is not going to be a box office hit for the reason that the story seem to be very old and seen several times by Tamil Audience.

The second half of the movie is too dragging and not as good as the second part. The music by Harris was not upto the expectation of the audience. Only 2 songs have reached out well. If not for the Vadivelu's comedy, the theaters would be empty after the interval.

Movie can be a fair hit as the Diwali competition seems too less.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Car Hire options around Europe

Whenever we hire a car, all our options are not always satisfied. We expect some features in the car that we hire and it does not come with that car, as a last-minute shock. I have also had a lot of such experiences before. A few days back, I had to go to Rome Termini Railstation from Rome Ciampino Airport. I was in London that time and I searched the Internet for Car Hire in Italy and came across the Best Car Hire Website. I was very much impressed by the website. Believe it or not!!! I booked a hire-car for the travel in Italy from London, through the website.

I booked for an Opel Corsa with A/c, 4 people and 3 luggage bags capacity as hire-car. I was really surprised when I got the hire-car with all my specifications, in Italy. Thanks to the Best Car Hire Website. I would definitely suggest you all to use this website for booking hire-cars for any places around Europe.

A R Rahman Music - A Must Listen

Upgrade your A/C to survive the Summer Heat

Is your car's Air-conditioner giving out hot air during this summer and doubling up the heat. Then its time to upgrade your A/c. If an air-conditioner gives out hot air, then it might be because of the damage in its a/c compressor. The air-conditioning compressor is the one which compresses and circulates the refrigerant in the A/c system. If you change the ac compressor, then you must also change the dryer/filter. Also the A/c parts for different cars are different. If you own a BMW or Mercedes car, then you must use only BMW or Mercedes AC compressor to replace the old compressor. Also, Ford cars fit only Ford ac compressor.

All these things seem to be very confusing and costly, right?!?!?. Do not panic. You can get A/c parts at discount rates in their original quality at You also have shipping faciltiy, so that you can buy it from anywhere online. All your auto needs will be satisfied here at a cheaper cost with satisfaction.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diwali at White House, US - Obama lights the 'Diya'

U.S President Barrack Obama celebrated Diwali today by lighting the ceremonial lamp(Diya) at the White House amidst chanting of Vedic mantras seeking world peace. He is the first U.S. President to personally grace the occasion. Among those present on the occasion were several eminent members of the Indian community, nearly half-a-dozen members of Mr. Obama’s Cabinet and several Indian-American members of his administration.

Obama said that Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance.“In that spirit of celebration and contemplation, I am happy to light the White House Diya, and wish you all a Happy Diwali, and a Saal Mubarak,” the President said amidst a round of applause.

Home Alarm Vs Home Safety

Safety of your family and your home should take top priority for all of you. My uncle is also a person who is really concerned about the safety and security of his property and extremely caring about the safety of his dwelling place. Home safety is much important to all of us.

There can be burglary, accidents or emergencies that can challenge the safety of our homes. My uncle always believes in ADT home security systems to safeguard himself and his family along with his property. These security alarm systems come with everything to safeguard your home - digital keypads, key chain access, motion detectors, alarm signal, battery protection, yard sign/window decals and more. The installation of the security alarm system was so easy.

The adt security systems essentially monitors your home 24 hours a day. When there is an emergency, the ADT security system sends an alert to the monitoring center. On receiving the alert, the center tries to contact the owner of the house. In case if the phone call is left unattended, it calls up local police who would go to your house to determine the situation. There are no false alarms and the system functions accurately.

The benefit of installing the ADT's home security system does not only include the above. By installing the Home safety alarm, the cost of home insurance can be brought down. The reason I am suggesting this is, the main purpose of a home insurance is protect the belongings. When ADT's Security systems are taking care of your properties, Why go for a costly insurance???

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR - 'Rock the Storm' - Specifications

Hero Honda has banged back with its new version of Karizma called Karizma ZMR. Hope you have all seen the ad starring Hrithik Roshan, which has created a kind of hype around the country. Now let us look at the details of Karizma ZMR. The new Karizma ZMR is fuel injected (finally) and it develops 17.6bhp at 7000rpm and a peak torque of 18.35Nm. Hero Honda claims the max speed of new Karizma ZMR as 135Kmph. Along with the fuel injected engine, the Karizma ZMR FI also comes with the following changes

The new Karizma ZMR FI gets new front cowl with fairing mounted rear view mirror. It also gets contemporary LED tail lamps and split grab rails. The rear suspension is now gas charged and the rear brake is a disc one. The new Karizma ZMR FI also gets body graphics. The dash is new with digital speedo and circular analog tacho. The tail lamp featuring diamond shaped LED and the new head light doom are very attractive too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Want a Lawyer ?

Are you facing any problems related to law suits? Are you a victim of auto accident or a construction site accident? Did you face any medical abuse or malpractice? Did you have any personal injury? Were you denied of civil rights? Then its time for you to go the best lawyers of the city - Feldman Shepherd!!!

Feldman Shepherd have emerged as the best civil litigation law firms in Pennsylvania with lawyers who establish track records of winning outstanding results in personal injury and class action litigation. At Feldman Shepherd, the utmost importance is given to the justice of the privileged consumer client. There are awesome results made by the New Jersey personal injury attorneys of Feldman Shepherd - the recent and famous one being $31 million verdict for the injuries caused by a dangerous highway guardrail. These results are possible only because of the highly skilled lawyers and attorneys of Feldman Shepherd - 8 Attorneys named "Super Lawyers" of Pennsylvania, Contain 4 Four Past Presidents of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, Contain certified members from National Board of Trail Advocacy.

Its not only the skills of the lawyers and attorneys of Feldman Shepherd that make them great, its the effort of every individual worker who pulls hard to achieve the best results for the clients they represent . Simply, they make their place a Best Place to Work - for the society, for the people and their well being.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR - Pics!!!

E-mail and Data Management made Easy

Sometimes, data management, file management seems very difficult and annoying. The main reason is that there is always a lot to manage!!! Just take the simple example of your Outlook inbox where you will have bulk of e-mails every morning. Some of them very important, some of them official or personal, but most of them are junk e-mails or spam e-mails. It gets very difficult every morning to keep looking at all the e-mails, to figure out the important ones to be backed up. When such an important e-mail gets accidentally deleted, your task becomes even more tedious to get it back to its place.

Once it happened that I had got nearly 5 mails from one of our clients. All the mails were just chat mails except for one which had an important attachment. Unknowingly I deleted all the mails and the important mail with the attachment got deleted. I could not mail the Client asking them to resend the attachment again, because it would create a bad impression on our company. When I discussed this problem with one of my colleagues, he suggested me to use PST Repair. I was taken by surprise when this tool easily recovered the deleted mail with attachment perfectly in a few seconds.

Then I thanked my friend for such a timely help. He also told me about various problems in handling data and solutions to them. We manage the important data through our e-mails. Sometimes it happens that a very important e-mail gets deleted accidentally. You can recover the deleted e-mail or data with the help of the PST repair. This works perfect for all the versions of Outlook and supports in the recovery of e-mails, messages, notes, contacts, calendar details, etc. Sometimes you deal with extremely confidential data that says "eyes only" meaning which you have to delete it once read. It cannot be ensured that the confidential file is fully deleted on trashing it from Recycle bin or deleting it by Shift + Delete. It doesn't mean that it is fully deleted if its not present in the Recycle Bin. The best choice is to go for File Shredder that ensures a file is fully deleted. Some more products like Data Sanitizer and Email Recovery would help greatly in managing data efficiently. My friend suggested me to go for a free demo version to try out the PST repair, File Shredder, Data Sanitizer and other products, then to buy the full version satisfactorily. I did so and now I am least worried about my e-mail and data management as I have PST Repair with me.

Vettaikaran not released for Diwali - Out of Diwali Race

As Diwali is nearing, Kollywood is getting ready for big releases this year. But the bad news for all Vijay fans is that, it is almost certain that Vettaikaran will not be released for this Diwali!

A song is being shot followed by post production work, and it will be impossible to get it ready for the festival of lights falling on October 17. A song which was to be shot in New Zealand, was changed due to certain visa problems. Now the same song which was to be shot abroad is being canned at Pune, Lonavala and surrounding areas on Vijay and Anushka.

Vettaikaran has been aquired by Kalanathi maran’s Sun Picutures. Another fact is that all the movies acquired by Sun Pictures have never been released on the expected date. It has always postponed the release of much awaited releases. Some examples are Kandasamy, Ayan, etc.

Hope Vettaikaran will be out for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Figure and Fitness

Weight loss, Dieting, Eat Healthy, Exercise a lot - is the jargon of this Internet era. Dietitians put us on a strict diet which is always hard to follow. Many of us have the wrong perception that a diet food is not tasty - which is always not true.

There are wide range of diet foods available in the market which not only help you in weight loss and staying healthy, but also taste too good. To mention a few of those varieties are Promedis, Kay's Naturals ,Ostrim ,Syntrax Nectar ,Proteinex ,nectar protein ,protein bars ,weight loss shakes ,meal replacement shakes ,meal replacement bars ,meal replacement shake ,diet bars ,diet shakes ,bariatric ,bariatric vitamins ,bariatric surgery diet.

The best advantage of these kind of diet meals is that they provide the perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats which help enormously in weight reductions. These meal supplements and meal replacements provide you with the required calorie content which can keep your stomach filled for a long time. These does not contain sugar or phosphorous - So, these are extremely safe!!!

Go in for a tasty diet meal right now and lose weight!!!

Saroja Devi Slaps Suriya?? - Aadhavan Movie Release

A press-meet of Suriya’s latest flick Aadhavan was convened today at Hotel Green Park, Chennai. Suriya, KSR and Udhayanidhi were present and answered for posers. Suriya, in his address, hoped that the movie would appeal to audience from all quarters.

He also fondly remembered his association with Sarojadevi on the sets of Aadhavan. “She slapped me on my back one day and asked why I was selling her soap dishes (referring to the Pithamagan scene where Suriya is shown as a hawker). It’s amazing to note that she still watches the latest Tamil movies,” he added. Suriya also recalled how Sarojadevi used to correct Vadivelu’s intonation while singing old MGR songs that was required for a scene.

Aadhavan is a sure shot Deepavali release with Suriya and Nayan in the lead.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Amazing Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Maintaining aquariums at home is very easy now, the passion of many people is coming alive in the form of fishes and aquariums. The most beautiful of the fishes live in saltwater or oceans. There is a common misconception that the fresh water fishes are very easy to maintain than the salt water fishes. Simple options are available to have salt water aquariums at home.

There are so many varieties of saltwater fish available. Some of them include angelfish, barracuda, anglers, basslets, batfish, butterflyfish, clownfish, hawkfish, groupers, gobies, jacks, pufferfish, sea horses, sweetips, paarotfish and triggerfish. To ensure these fishes are safe when brought to your tank, buy them from a trustworthy online store who go to the source to get these fishes. Be Sure to get quality fish for attractive prices!!!

Another important and attractive piece that should go into the salt water aquarium is the live coral. The corals and frags from Pacific and Carribean Oceans look very amazing. They add true colors to your salt water aquarium.

The next important aspect of Reef tanks is the live rock. These help in the growth of tiny beneficial shrimp, macroalgae, pink and purple algae that help in filtration. Aquariums with live rocks have healthier animals than the ones without the live rocks.