Sunday, September 6, 2009

YSR's Death Really An Accident???!!!!???

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy was killed in an accident after the chopper plane crashed on a hill near Kurnool on his way to Chittoor. A formal investigation has been suspended to investigate the causes of the chopper crash. The results are surprising.

1. The chopper has gone around 18Kms south moving away from the safe and scheduled route.

2. There are some important equipments that have gone missing from the chopper. The most essential one that was missing is "Emergency Locator Transmitter" which should get activated during emergency and critical times.

3. When a CM is travelling by flight, he should take the safer aeroplane to the maximum possible distance and then take a helicopter for the remaining distance. But YSR's travel was fully planned only with the helicopter. If that is chosen for some reason, there should be 3 best routes designed by the ATC (Air Traffic Control). Instead only one route was given to the pilot.

4. A new chopper was bought especially for the travel purposes of CM YSR which was not used for this Chittoor trip.

5. How can a helicopter go at 800feet high when it was supposed to go at around 3000 feet high?

6. Pilot has not tried to contact the nearest ATC when he has found some problems with flying

7. When the chopper was going away from the fixed route, why didn't the ATC respond to the pilot giving the correct route?

There are so many other questions that are yet to be answered. Whatever has happened, the State and the people of AP have lost their beloved Chief Minister and a good person.

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