Friday, August 14, 2009

Sonia And Selva Ragaven file Divorce on Mutual Consent

Sonia Agarwal , once a hot actress of Kollywood and Selva Ragavan, a sensational director tied the sacred knot in the year 2005 in the presence of the Super Star Rajini Kanth in Raja Muthiah Chettair Hall in Chennai.

Its been four years after their wedding, both have decided to break their marriage relationship. Officially, they both have filed for divorce on "Mutual Consent" in Egmore High Court. It all began with the entry of the singer/actress Andrea in Selva's upcoming movie Ayirathil Oruvan. Sonia alleged Selva that he was having affair with the actress. It was also said that Sonia has come into the sets of the movie when the shooting was going on in Hyderabad and slapped Andrea for no reason.

Sonia was not prepared for the divorce trying her best to patch it up. Family members and friends including super star tried to save the marriage. But it has come to a dead-end and Sonia has also accepted for the divorce.

It is worth to note that they were living together for four years before the wed lock and now married for four years. The pair is going to part very soon :)

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