Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best Web Hosting Sites

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Happy Hosting!!! Happy Earning!!!

'Naan Mahaan Alla..' - Karthi's next movie

With his movie 'Paiya' and 'Ayirathil Oruvan' ready for release one after the other, Paruthiveeran-fame Karthi has no pause and started with his next movie 'Naan Mahaan Alla'. 'Ayirathil Oruvan' was title of an MGR block-buster old movie and now 'Naan Mahaan Alla' was title of SuperStar Rajini's old movie. This might be an attempt to catch a place in Stardom.

'Naan Mahaan Alla' is directed by Susindran of Vennila Kabadi Kulu - fame. Like Karthi's previous movies Paruthiveeran and Paiya, this movie also has Yuvan Shankar Raja scoring the music. The songs have already been composed and the director is all in praise for Yuvan for his outstanding work.

Hopes and Wishes for this movie to come out very well..!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kamal's Instinct

1) In 1978, Kamal's tamil movie "Sivappu Rojakal" was released. He played the role of a Psychopath killer (femicide). A year later, a guy named "Psycho Raman" was caught for brutally murdering people especially women.

2) In 1988, Kamal played the role of an unemployed youth in the movie "Sathya". In 89-90's our country faced lot of problems due to unemployment.

3) In 1992, his blockbuster movie "Devar Magan" was released. It’s a village based subject. The movie portrayed scenes of communal clashes. Exactly a year later in 1993, there were many communal clashes in southern districts.

4) We all know in 1996 many people in our country was cheated by finance companies. Kamal Hassan had clearly depicted this in his movie "Mahanadhi" which was released in 1994, well a year in advance.

5) In "Hey Ram"(2000), there are few scenes relating to Hindu Muslim clashes. We all know 2 years later, Godhra (Gujarat riots) incident happened.

6) He used a word called 'tsunami' in his movie "Anbe Sivam"(2003).The word 'TSUNAMI' was not known to many people before. In 2004, 'tsunami' stuck the east coast of our country and many people lost their lives.

7) In his movie "Vettaiyadu Vilayadu "(2006) there are two characters called Ilamaran & Amudhan who played the roles of psychopath killers. After 3 months of release of the movie, the NOIDA serial killing came to light (Moninder & Sathish)

8) In his latest movie "Dasavatharam" in 2008 he mentioned about a deadly virus, which spread via air, that may destroy the world. Now in 2009 we have the Swine Flu that spreads through air. And to be specific, in the movie Kamal develops a bio weapon and finds out the deadly effect of the virus in a lab in America. Now the first case of Swine Flu was detected in Mexico (America). WHAT DO U CALL THIS ----- “A COINCIDENCE”?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can you IDENTIFY?????

Guess Who is this very famous personality, Of course from INDIA!!!!!

This is the photo of Sachin Tendulkar, the famous Indian Cricketer during a fancy dress competition in his college :):)

Hard to believe right?????? Take a re-look again....................

Monday, August 24, 2009

Exterior Shutters at Larson

Exterior shutters are the most important for our homes - be it from the functional aspect or just to enhance and beatify our home. Recently i was on the 'exterior shutters hunt' trying to make the best business deal while giving a great look to my home. I landed up at Larson Shutter Company.

I was looking for vinyl shutters that are cheap and look the best. I was satisfied to the full of my heart with the services and benefits provided by the Larson Exterior Shutters. I was offered free shipping and delivery in addition to the best quality vinyl shutters that are EXTRA thick and Sturdier than the other products available in the market.

At Larson, there are so many choices to consider. They provide a huge range of shutters at a very affordable price. The range of shutters available at Larson will satisfy every customer need, budget and fashionable look. I also see that Larson shutter company is committed to delivery the best quality shutters to its customers accommodating every one's need.

Award Winning Ad Film

Respect your National Anthem!!!!

How can you respect your Nation if you don't Respect your National Anthem????!!!!???

Be A True Indian!!!!

Plastic Surgery At MYA

Physical appearance is one of the most important things any human being would consider in his/her life. good physical appearance which is appealing and attractive can help you in many ways - easy to get close with people, gives you new confidence everyday, makes you presentable before others. In other words, great physical appearance helps you keep going!!!!

Are you among the ones who keep regretting everyday to look at their figures in the mirror, feel shy to come across people, subject to teasing every now and then?? Are you afraid of going for a cosmetic surgery that is so costlier that you can barely afford it? Are you finding for the best surgeon to get your cosmetic surgery done? Does this require you to travel a lot to find the most competent and reputable centre to do the surgery? There is one single word that provides answers for all these questions - MYA.. Yes!!! MYA is at your help!!

Make Yourself Amazing (MYA) cosmetic surgery brings a new hope, new ray of light into your life. It is one of the most reputed centre of cosmetic surgery that has the latest equipment and the best of best surgeons. They analyze your need correctly, trying to bring about a complete change over in you so that you start to feel amazing!!

At MYA, you can expect a range of services that includes facial surgery, Body Reshaping, Liposuction, Breast Uplift, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction and other non-surgical related treatments. Prices at MYA are so cheap compared to the other centres. MYA gives you free initial consultation, a coordinator assigned to you to take good care of your needs, free consultation with one of the world's best cosmetic surgeon, pre-medical assessments to ensure fitness, operation done at the most reputed UK-based cosmetic hospital and 24 hour manned helpline serve. Have a look at these before and after examples for Nose Reshaping.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Accuracy at its Peak ....

Amazing calculation!!!! I just awe those engineers!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Robotic Massage Chair for the next generation - Human Touch

Software Professionals, Students, Engineers, Home-makers and of course, every one is tired at the end of the day. The intensity of work that all perform may vary, but the pain and stress that comes after the work is the same for all. Today, people do not have time to even get a massage. Also, in a family no one is fit enough to massage others. Everybody have their own pain. At this place, we seek the help of science. And the answer is Massage Chairs.

Massage Chairs have been helping people in this issue for more than two decades and Human Touch is the leader in producing state-of-art technology massage chairs since 1985. They invented the Quad-Roller Technology which ruled the Massage Chairs market for more than a decade. They later introduced the Robotic Massage Chairs and now, they have introduced the human touch technology. By Human Touch technology, one can enjoy massage that senses like human touch. The Massage chairs also have automatic programs for compression, kneading, rolling, calf massage, foot massage and percussion.

Massage Chair is definitely an essential part of everyday, for a happy and painless life.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kandasamy will fly in Silver screens from 21st August

The much awaited movie of the year, Kandasamy, is releasing atlast this friday 21st August. The movie had a lots of postpones for the release and has created a lots of expectations. The movie is now in risk of becoming a flop, even if a small thing goes wrong. This is always a problem with a movie that creates a lots of expectations, especially by postpones. The same thing happened with Vikram's previous movie 'Bheema'. It would be definitely discouraging for a good actor like Vikram if it repeats. Hope everything goes fine with the movie. Wish the movie becomes a Block-buster.

Get ready to watch Vikram in action from friday.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Best place for web hosting

The best way to earn money through internet is through web site hosting. You can maintain your own website on a web hosting server by paying them. Then its easy to earn a lot of money by posting reviews and ads. But it is important to choose a good web hosting server. Web hosting geeks is the place to find the best place for your web site hosting. It suggests you the best web hosting server based on your needs and budget. It contains a number of reviews on all the web site hosting servers.

Web hosting geeks also has a blog section, where you can register your blog and earn page traffic for free. The blog-section also contains a lot of tips and information on web site hosting, which will definitely be of a great help for a new-comer to understand the basicss of web site hosting.

So why to wait. Host your Website soon, when it is so easy as reading this.!!!

Paiya before 'Ayirathil Oruvan'

Recently, the audio songs of Karthi's upcoming flick 'Ayirathil Oruvan' directed by Selva Raghavan was released. The songs have already become chart-busters and all are expecting for the movie release. But the movie has some editing and visual works pending. So the movie release has been postponed. This movie is very important for Karthi, as it is his second movie after the Mega hit 'Paruthiveeran'.

But there is no reason to worry for Karthi's fans, as his other movie 'Paiya' directed by Lingusamy is ready for release. The audio of 'Paiya' composed by Yuvan will be soon released. This movie also has a great expectation from tamil movie fans and also Lingusamy. Its all victories in the path of Karthi.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Partying Made Easy

Partying brings about fun and happiness in the environment. It allows getting together with our friends as well as family members to cherish the sweet memories to be ever green in our hearts. There is other side of the coin too. arranging for a party takes a big deal and demands more time for planning the logistics.

PartyLand provides us a simple solution by giving us the party supply franchise. PartyLand franchise provides a proven business methodology which has been in use for over 23 years all around the globe. It assures guidance, merchandising, pricing, training and ongoing support that makes even the novice operator/owner into a successful business person and party professional.

Need the 23 year old Partyland Franchise to be in your own??? Just visit and fill in a form that requires only basic information. The very next moment you will receive additional franchise information from PartyLand.

Everything that is required to start the party supply franchise is provided by the PartyLand which includes - Complete site Selection Assistance, Complete training and Store Assembly, State-of-the-Art Computer System and Nationwide marketing. Thus, PartyLand provides the best and quick way to become profitable in your business.

Sonia And Selva Ragaven file Divorce on Mutual Consent

Sonia Agarwal , once a hot actress of Kollywood and Selva Ragavan, a sensational director tied the sacred knot in the year 2005 in the presence of the Super Star Rajini Kanth in Raja Muthiah Chettair Hall in Chennai.

Its been four years after their wedding, both have decided to break their marriage relationship. Officially, they both have filed for divorce on "Mutual Consent" in Egmore High Court. It all began with the entry of the singer/actress Andrea in Selva's upcoming movie Ayirathil Oruvan. Sonia alleged Selva that he was having affair with the actress. It was also said that Sonia has come into the sets of the movie when the shooting was going on in Hyderabad and slapped Andrea for no reason.

Sonia was not prepared for the divorce trying her best to patch it up. Family members and friends including super star tried to save the marriage. But it has come to a dead-end and Sonia has also accepted for the divorce.

It is worth to note that they were living together for four years before the wed lock and now married for four years. The pair is going to part very soon :)

Insure Your Van Now!!

Are you looking for cheap and best auto insurance??!!?? Autonet Van Insurance will be your best choice.

Autonet Van Insurance guarantees unbeatable insurance schemes. At Autonet, the price check is done at around 40 top insurers in UK. They have the best experts to get you a great deal. Autonet also has 24 hour claim line to support its customers all the time.

A wide range of other insurance provided at Autonet include courier insurance, goods in transit insurance, tool insurance, fleet insurance, HGV insurance, car insurance, bike insurance, home insurance, business insurance and the list does not stop here.

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Autonet provides Breakdown recovery as well as Legal Assistance unlike other insurers. So, insure your van at low cost to avail great benefits at Autonet Van Insurance.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kandasamy Relaease Postponed Again??!!!???

Kandasaamy, the Super Hero starring Vikram and Shreya was scheduled to be released on the Independence day August 15. But there is no sign of the movie getting released tomorrow.

Fans are all much depressed with the multiple postpones of the movie. It is now expected to reach the BIG screen at the end of this month, possibly on 21st August.

The eagerness and the excitement are already dropping from the hearts of the much awaited fans. Lets pray this situation doesn't make the movie a flop when its released as the same happened to the audio release too.

Cheap and Best Auto Insurance

Everyone needs to be very careful on spending every penny during this economic downtime. Every $ we spend matters. Owning a car requires Auto Insurance. Is your auto insurance bringing you heart attack?? i was personally very stressed out with the insurance that i had to take for my vehicle. Now there is nothing to worry. Here's where I found cheap Georgia auto insurance.

At Georgia auto insurance, you can get the cheap and best auto insurance. You can get the auto insurance quotes for your region by just entering the zip code of your locality. Have you ever wondered how would the quotes help you in deciding the best auto insurance? If so, i will explain you the benefits of auto insurance quotes.

When the auto insurance quotes are retrieved for your locality, you get a rough idea of how the insurers provide the auto insurance. A number of quotes can help you in deciding the best auto insurer. So, getting the auto insurance quotes is the only or the best way to get cheap auto insurance.

At Georgia auto insurance, the requirements start at 25/50/25. The interesting meaning behind this series of numbers is - you need to have at least $25,000 USD insured for bodily injury per person, $50,000USD for bodily injury per accident and finally $25,000USD for the property damage in total. In case the damage is more tan the insured amount, you will be holding the bag of difference. Thus, at GA,while availing auto insurance you can save a lot of money.

Do think of this Georgia Auto Insurance for the cheap and Best Auto Insurance.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facts and Awareness about Swine FLU

Swine flu awareness is needed, but there is no need to be panicky and join the publicity propaganda carried out by media and others which acts as a vehicle to spread misconception than to spread scientific information.

These are few facts about swine flu when discussed with the leading epidemiologists.

-> Swine flu, that is H1N1 flu is not new, first detected in 1987

-> Infective stage of flue is 5 days, 1 day before and 4 days after onset of symptoms

-> The best way to prevent it spreading is asking patient having symptoms of flu like fever cough and running nose to take rest at home for 4 days so he does not transmit it

-> Masks are of limited value if any, in this disease, it can spread through droplets on your skin, through contact etc,. The masks in Pune are worn as fashion statement. Infact these masks shall act as the vehicles to carry the virus, instead, avoiding crowded places or cinema halls or malls where air conditioners are on, is advisable, because you get re-circulated air, where the virus density multiplies.

-> Death after H1N1 flu is not common, in fact infections like measles is taking toll of thousands more every year, and we are oblivious of the facts. Swine flu is being blown out of proportion by media trying to create hysteria among lay people.

-> Fever accompanied by respiratory distress, should be immediately notified which is likely to be a complication of H1N1 flu

-> The mortality is less than .01 percent of those affected, that means may be one in 10,000 affected is likely to suffer the life loss

-> If you remember, 2 years ago SARS was blown out of proportion, what happened? Humans develop immunity to the virus, the same is going to happen, we develop immunity in due course of time, the virus is in the air, you can not stop it, our body is already developing the immunity so nothing to panic.
We need to take care of children and elderly who have less immunity and do not let them go to crowded places that is all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ski Training Methods at Alpine Ski Camp

Skiing would be a favorite sport for most of you... Are you searching for a camp on Skiing - with the click of the Mouse? National Alpine Ski Camp would be the best choice.

National Alpine Ski Camp coaches are some of the best in the industry. ski training given at Alpine Ski Camp is based on the "athlete centered" coaching model. This allows the coach to identify the special athletic talent in an individual and thus provides the true motivation and encouragement.

National Alpine Ski Camp is one of the best because it ensures safety by having four private skiing areas - two steep lanes and two flat lanes accommodating both the learners as well as the experts.

Enjoy Skiing at National Alpine Ski Camp!!!

TWITTER attacked

Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging site, was out of service much of the day on 06th August 2009 as it worked to defend itself against a web attack, but service appeared to have been restored by late evening.

Many of Twitter's 45 million legitimate users were unable to use the service for hours. Analysts characterized the attack as Denial-of-Service(DoS) attack, in which a hacker overwhelm a website by sending it a deluge of junk requests, and one suggested that the attack might have originated from Russia or Georgia as an extension of the conflict between them.

Facebook and Google also fended off similar attacks on the same day.

Best of Best Furniture, Home Office Furniture and Storage Beds

Furniture makes our home or office look best. If the furniture by itself is best, then our home or office would look excellent. interior decorations strongly depend on the way the place is furnished. one has to be very thoughtful and innovative while deciding on the furniture.

Look at the dark brown Furniture put up for this living room. It perfectly fits the ambience and the environment of the place.

Perfect Home Office Furniture brings up a good working environment.

Innovation with furnishing gives a choice of Storage beds - apt for the storage cum comfortable bedding. It saves a lot of loft place giving by a softy bed.

For Additional interesting information on furniture, please visit entertainment centers!!

Google and its Best Innovation

Smart Internet search will be able to do with a mobile device in the NEAR future
A mobile device with Touch screen, built in camera, scanner, WiFi, google map (hopefully google earth), google search, image search…
Like this way, when you can see a building through it, it gives you the image search result right on the spot.

Choose a building and touch a floor and it tells you more details of the building. You can use it when you want to know a car model, an insect name, what kind of food is served at a restaurant and how much, who built a bridge, etc. etc.
It’s got a scanner built in.
so you can use it this way when you want to check the meaning of a word in the newspaper, book, magazine, etc. It would be much easier to read a real book. You can use the dictionary, wikipedia, thesaurus and anything else available on the web. What do you think?
Indoor guide:Works in a building, airport, station, hospital, etc.
Automatic simultaneous translation: here Latin to English.

Search keyword: Helpful when you want to find out a word from a lot of text in newspaper/book.
Nutrition: This kind of function would be helpful for health freaks..
Getting data of a weather forecast, maybe this might be possible.

Bed Bugs Bite An Annoying Problem For You?

Bed Bugs are a major concern for me, for a person with a very sensitive skin tone. Not all the people react the same way for a bed bug's bite. But mostly it brings out an itchy feeling because the Bed Bug injects a chemical into the bite which keeps the blood from clotting up to keep out from the feeling of itchiness. I was always worried to see the bites all over my body when i get up in the morning. Want to know what do bed bug bites look like on humans? Have a look at the welts from the bed bug bite...

Most of the people feel mild itchy sensations but someone like me would really go crazy with these bed bug bites. That would require consulting a doctor and following a bed bug bite treatment immediately.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apple Vs BlackBerry

Watch these amazing videos on Apple and Blackberry.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Screen Printing Made Easy

Have you ever wondered if t shirt screen printing can be done easily ??? At the click of the mouse??!!?? YES - LogoDogz Printz makes it out!!

Everyone would love to have custom tee shirts, may it be for companies, clubs or sports. At, custom tee shirts can be prepared easily. When the printing is done at the well known national leaders for screen printing like, there are so many benefits one can expect. They provide the best of best screen printing with No Art Charges, Free Shipping, No Screen or Set-up Charges, 5 Days or less Turnaround Time. Doesn't these features sound good? One more noticeable feature is that " The More You Buy, The More You Save".

They also offer a range of products like T-Shirts, Just for Ladies, Sweats, Athletic Wear, Youth, Infants/Toddlers. The main catch is that you can use a Well Known , Fast and High Quality Company like for screen printing tee shirt!!!

Carpentary Engineering at its Best!!!

Watch these two super cool videos. Sure you will be awe-stuck!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Changing Residence? - Go for Easy Moving with ABF U-Pack

Changing your residence sometimes becomes a HUGE problem for the issues related to moving your things. One of my friends recently had to shift his home to a new place. He was drowned with the usual options of full service mover or to go for a rental truck. Both these options doesn't sound good for me. The full service mover would cost a lot which is truly not affordable in this economic downtime. A rental truck demands that you have to drive the truck that has been rented out through the ups and downs or through out a hilly region by towing your own vehicle at the back of the rental truck. Also, the rising price of the gas a major concern!!!!

If i had to move my home, i would have wisely chosen truck rental at ABF U-Pack. U-pack means a very easy approach. The customer packs his things. The loading happens by the customer himself. Then the Moving happens by the ABF U-pack Movers. They have a range of vehicles from Trailers to ReloCube (moving container) which lands up at the customer location. The things are moved safely by the experienced drivers and the unloading is done by the customer again.

The truck rental from the ABF U-Pack Movers are comparable to that of the rented trucks but the best part is that all the driving is done by ABF. Thus ABF U-Pack Movers are less expensive than the Full Service Movers and more convenient than the rental trucks. ABF has a good stand with the Better Business Bureau and great customer ratings at sites like and Hope you all agree that the Moving is made easy by ABF U-Pack!!!!

Protect Your Home Right Now!!!!!

My uncle is a person who is really concerned about the safety and security of his property and extremely caring about the safety of his dwelling place. Home safety is much important to all of us.

There can be burglary, accidents or emergencies that can challenge the safety of our homes. My uncle always believes the home security alarm systems installed by the Gaylord Security Systems.

Gaylord Security Systems are the authorized dealers of the ADT security systems and thus provide the state -of -the - art security services at a very affordable price. There are some good points that made my uncle adopt the security alarm systems from Gaylord.

These security systems monitor several things around your home 24 hours a day. Carbon Monoxide levels sensors, low temp sensors, Burglary Monitors, Water and Flood Sensors, Fire and Smoke detectors are some of the means the Gaylord Security Systems equip to serve the protection of your home at the all the time. In case of any emergency, the signals are sent to the ADT 24 hour central Monitor which notifies the correct department for the corrective actions to be taken at the earliest.

My uncle is now relaxed after installing the security alarm systems from the Gaylord Security Systems. They also provide a convenient means of online registration for acquiring the home safety alarms. Join soon and get relaxed on your home safety.

Monday, August 3, 2009

2011 ICC World Cup LOGO

The International Cricket Council has unveiled the logo for the 2011 World Cup, which is pictured below, at a ceremony in Mumbai.
It has been designed by Australian creative firm Witekite.

The unveiling was attended by the ICC Vice-President and Chairman of the tournament’s Central Organising Committee Sharad Pawar, ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat and Tournament Director Professor Ratnakar Shetty.

And also present were ICC Cricket World Cup heroes from the past – Clive Lloyd, who led the West Indies to victory in the first two editions in 1975 and 1979, Sri Lanka’s Aravinda de Silva, man of the match for an unbeaten 107 and 3-42 in the 1996 final, Michael Bevan of Australia, regarded as one of the greatest One-Day International players of all time and a key member of the side that won in 1999 and 2003, Dilip Vengsarkar and Balwinder Singh Sandhu, who were integral components of the India side that denied the West Indies a hat-trick of World Cup titles in 1983, and present-day stars Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma.