Monday, July 6, 2009

Shruti Haasan's "LUCK"

The Star daughter of Kamal Haassan, Shruti Haasan is all set to try her LUCK in the bollywood with her first appearance as a Heroine. Shruti is multi-talented with her trials including dancing, singing and recently composing music to accompany her good looks. This is the first time, she is trying her acting talent.

She is pairing with Imran khan who happens to be her Childhood friend. Imran always considered Shruti as her little sister says Shruti.... Hope this feeling doesn't show up in the movie :) The other cast of this movie include Sanjay Dutt, Mithun Chakraborty, Neha and Danny Denzongpa.

Shruti feels uncomfortable to act before her father or when he is around the sets. Its the natural feeling anyone would would have to act in front of the Legend - including his own daughter!!!!! :)
She is not against wearing sexy garments if the scene requires, but a condition she puts forth is that her father should be seeing shooting of such scenes. Another natural feeling!!!!! She is ready for a bikini shot also. she says all that one would need is a hourglass figure. That's the attitude of this Star Daughter.......

Shruti is committed to the music composition of her father's movie, "Unnai pol oruvan" which is the remake of the Bollywood Movie "A Wednesday".

Lets Hope her career launches well and her debut movie "LUCK" brings her real luck!!!!! :)

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  1. Shrithi apparently will not be be participating in MJ's tribute concert... I read this news here