Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shiney's Rape Story - Latest Update

On June 29, Shiney is being confirmed a Rapist !!!!! The DNA tests that were done to double check whether Shiney is innocent have turned unfruitful to him. The tests resulted positive meaning Shiney has actually raped his 19-year old servant maid... Poor Girl!!! :(

There were no marks or wounds on his body except for a single abrasion which must have been because of the protecting act of the servant maid when he forcefully laid himself on her.

Shiney would be in police custody till July 2 and has been booked upon Raping, wrong restrain, and threat to kill charges.

The truth is finally out and he remains shameful for his life before his better half, Anupam who believed him so strongly and loved him so deeply.

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