Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of Pop's Funeral Today!!!!!

Michael Jackson who is considered a legend and also called as King of Pop died of a suspected cardiac arrest last week is going to have the final journey today!!

While the family and the fans are getting ready for the funeral today, Jackson is going to be buried sans Brain.... yes!!!! SANS Brain. Doctors have removed his brain for further examinations before handing over the body of Pop King to their family members.

And according to the sources, The complete testing on Michael's brain will take around 15 days. So, there were two choices put in front of the Jackson's family. Either wait for 15 days for his brain to be returned back from testing or go ahead with the funeral process without his brain. Obviously, the family members took up the one that is most easy.

There will be series of tests going on his brain which can even detect the ailments that he would have suffered. Another Suspicion put forth is that Michael Jackson would have suffered an extra dose of pain killers which would have brought up the cardiac arrest.

Whatever happens.... the world has lost the King of Pop :( :( :(

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  1. been a fan of the king of pop, could everyone leave the man to rest now. he was getting hell from the media when he was with us here on earth & their still going on about him. let him rest in peace.