Thursday, July 30, 2009

Humming Bird Feeders

Humming birds are the smallest among the birds existing in world and their native is America. The humming birds are the only birds that can fly backwards. They fly by flapping their wings for about 19-20 times per second. Humming birds feed on nectar of the flowers. These birds are very beautiful to look and their actions are so pleasing and enjoyable to watch. Nurturing birds is a great hobby and one would definitely love to nurture humming birds in specific.

People think that it is difficult to find humming birds, especially when flower blossoms are less abundant. But the best way to attract humming birds is by the hummingbird feeder. These contain sugar water and other chemicals that can attract humming birds. My aunt recently got a hummingbird feeder as a gift from one of her friends. Daily, she gets to see atleast four humming birds visiting her home.


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