Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kandasaamy Release on July 17th ??!!!??

With many postpones and delays, there are talks that Kandasaamy , a long waited movie is all set to hit the Silver Screen on July 17 this year.

This date is going to be a mere doubt again - fans can expect some more delay from the kandasamy team as Sun Pictures is Producing this movie now.

With both Ayan and Maasilamani already doing good in the market and still on theatres, Sun Pictures is not going to plan a release of their next film so soon - be it Kandasaamy or whatever. After all this hype and tempo, Kandasaamy is expected to do very well this year. That would certainly lower the market for Ayan and Maasilamani which are heading to 100 days somehow.

The plan of Sun Productions is going to make maximum profit out of these small cut movies now and launch Kandsaamy grandly to get enormous profits!!!!!

All this delay is making the long waited fans get depressed.. and remember, it can turn off all the good fortune Sun Pictures is planning....... And this is not new for the Hero Vikram also - Movies like Majaa, Bhima taught him a new lesson.... But the hero is yet to learn more :) :)


  1. kandhasamy is still postponed recently expected to release on 21.....

  2. yeah...the bheema movie was a great flop due to this delay reason......

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