Monday, June 1, 2009

Deepika & Hrithik in "Krissh 2 "

The Roshans are back with the plan of Hrithik playing the super hero role after the success of Krissh. 

Rakesh Roshan and his production company FilmKraft is now engaged in the project "KITES" which is mostly done and in post -production changes. The upcoming movie of the hero is still in infant stage with the crew working on the script and the star cast, which definitely includes Hrithik :)

According to the sources, the story line goes as this - The Super Hero Of Krissh 2 is after saving the 7 wonders of the world. So, no doubt this film will have the best and excellent locations all over the world being shot. Hrithik is said to undergo physical trainings for his role in the film. 

And the much important of all, Deepika Padukone is slated to play the role of Hrithik's love interest in Krissh 2 .

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