Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Angels & Daemons - Released......

Yet another film adaptation of Dan Brown's novel, Angels & Daemons has reached the silver screen on May 29, 2009. Though the Da Vinci Code appeared next to Angels & Daemons Novel version, the filmy version takes Da Vinci Code first. 

The Brown adaptation has very well been taken by the director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer and the screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. The lead role of the film Robert Langdon is being reprised by Tom Hanks. Most of the filming took place in Rome, Italy and Sony Pictures Studios in California.

This movie doesn't exactly follow the book version of Angels & Daemons. There are many additions made  to the characters and the incidents taking place in the story.

Now coming to the critics and receptions of the movie - many catholic priests have condemned saying that their churches doesn't want to portray a picture of murder or killing place. They don't want to boycott the movie, but want other Catholics to spread the message as - "Enjoy the movie, but do realise that it is a fable".

On the other end,  the movie has been banned to screen in Samoa fearing the damaged interests of catholic churches and people. 

The film has mixed opinions with a rating of 5.1 out of 10. 

Now enjoy the video of Angels & Daemons


  1. Loved d fiction over d books n liked it very much on screen too... Nice post

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