Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vodafone Zoo Zoo Ads - Interesting Facts

Everyone talk about the Vodafone ads. Whats different in it?.
The Vodafone ads featuring the Zoo Zoo cartoons have become the hot talk during the current IPL broadcasts. These Zoo Zoo cartoons have really stolen the hearts of the people, that they do not even change the channels during these ads. It is said that Vodafone has spent 30 crore rupees for making 30 ads with these cartoons.

Do you think these cartoons are animated.?
Do you want to know how they are made?

Simple. They are not animated. Some blind Mumbai girls, who are thin and short, have worn these Zoo Zoo masks and dresses and acted as Zoo Zoo cartoons. Surprising....!!!. Isn't it?


  1. fabulous idea.the best ad ive ever seen.would like to see more of zoozoos.want more zoozoos than IPL.want to be one of the zoozoos.

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