Friday, May 8, 2009

Vettaikkaran on Hunt !?!?!?

Vettaikaaran, Vijay's next film pairing for the first time with Anushka has began its shooting in full swing in the AVM Studios. The crew has just landed in the city after a hectic schedule of shoots in Rajamundary (Andhra Pradesh).

Director Babu Sivan and the stunt choreographer of the film, Kanal Kannan are making the stunt sequences interesting which are always a speciality in Vijay's films. A set resembling the market place has been erected in the studios for the stunt scenes that are to be shot. Kanal Kannan is expected to give out a lot of breathtaking fight sequences after his great success and popularity in "Ayan"

This film has already created a lot of hype in the cine industry and among the fans as this is the 49th of the Actor. With the release of the film planned for this year-end, the Actor is said to assume his next venture early this September!!!

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