Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some New and Famous SPAM/JUNK mails

The most famous junk mails of all times would say that you have won so many millions or billions of dollars($) or pounds. The two most common junk mails of nowadays are about Patrick Chan of Hang Seng Bank, Singapore and Microsoft/AOL.

The junk mail about Patrick Chan goes something like this-
Dear Sir/madam,
I am Mr. Patrick Chan Executive Director of the Hang Sang Bank Ltd,Hong Kong.I have a business proposal that you can handle with me.from my bank to your country which involve ($12.5Million).Please contact me for more details to proceed.
Mr.Patrick Chan.
pls reply me via mail:

The other junk mail about Microsoft/AOL says that Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates wants to share his profit with you and would ask you to forward that mail to some 'n' people to win huge amount of money from Bill Gates as gift.

Beware of these crazy junk mails. Do not waste your precious time on these junks.

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