Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shoe-Throw Protest: New of its Kind in INDIA

A new crazy footwear protest has had its start in India with a chain of 4 incidents happening across the country. According to the news, a computer science graduate aged 21 from Ahmedabad has taken aim at throwing his footwear of unknown brand on Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh at his rally held in Ahmedabad on April 27. The celebrated Singh aged 76 has managed to read through his written speech on economic development. 

The same night another incident happened in Ahmedabad where the aim was at BJP Senior Lead Mr. L.K.Advani with a wooden sandal. This is the second time the 81 yr old Opposition Party Senior Lead is thrown a footwear during this election season. 

Similar other two incidents have happened last month in parts of India in public gatherings. This is essentially a show up of the frustration of the people upon the activities of the politicians. 

"Jutha: the ultimate non-violent weapon" is the new slogan lingering in the minds of Indian Citizens.

Not a joke that this crazy protest is making a common Indian Citizen turn into Super Hero in just hours!!!! 

One of such protesters, Jarnail Singh has received so many Marriage proposals, Boxes of sweets, Thankful Greetings and even money. But this humble gentleman has refused to accept them saying "His shoe-throwing act was a non-profit exercise".

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