Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prabharan confirmed dead - Srilankan Army found the body

The Srilankan army found out the dead body of the LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran yesterday. The Srilankan spokes person answered the questions raised by the reporters  which seem to solve the puzzles and the mysteries of Prabhakaran's death. According to him, the SL army has shot down nearly 300 terrorists i the same area, so it was difficult to identify the Supreme Tiger's body initially though they were able to find his son's corpse. There was also a doubt that Prabhakaran was still alive until the Prabhkaran's assumed dead body  underwent autopsy for more than 2 hours. And the result of the Autopsy was fruitful to the Srilankan Army confirming the death of the Great Tiger, Velupillai Prabhakaran.

According the spokesperson , the dead body of his son was at a different place, far away from where his body was found and this takes him to say that Prabhakaran would have known about his son's death well before his time. 

There are still some pieces of puzzle not fitting into overall picture - A chief of a private army carrying his identity card along with him and the dead body found with no injuries at all except for the forehead. 

The explanations from the spokes person are pretty straight forward... since Prabhakaran was trying to escape out on securities reasons,  he is assumed to have his Identity card. The back side of his head is injured severely which must have taken his life immediately without giving him a chance to fight back.

The President of Srilanka, Mr. Mahinda Rajapackse has called out for a Peaceful and United Srilanka!!!!


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