Monday, May 25, 2009

Endhiran Rajini - The Robot

Endhiran, Rajini's upcoming movie "Endhiran" is in full swing of shooting. For the first time, the storyline has been revealed.

According to the sources, Rajini is a College Professor  and Scientist expert in making Robots. As the Government requests him to create more and more Robots for the well-being of the people, he continues to invent Robots. Danny Denzongpa approaches Rajini on a fine day to invent a Robot that has a higher resistance towards strong hits and  blows. That is when Rajini creates a Robot that looks like none other than Rajini himself....

The Robotic Rajini falls in love with a student of the college, Aishwarya Rai. Due to some reasons the ladylove of the Robot ( Rajini) runs away from him , leaving out his hopes to just ashes. exactly then, the Robot turns to be a hindrance to the society operating upon the instructions of the Villain, Danny. The overall story goes on how the hero tames the Robot back and retrieves his lady love. 

A sequence of fights have been shot in Goa, and according to the director, Shankar, it is one of the biggest highlights of the film.