Monday, March 23, 2009

Tata NANO launched today

Atlast, Tata Motors have launched today the world's least expensive car, Nano, whose price starts at about Rs 1 lakh. The snub-nosed Nano is 10.2 feet(3.1 metres) long and has one windshield wiper, a 623 cc rear engine, and a dimunitive trunk according to the company's website. It does not have air bags or anti-lock brakes, neither of which is required in India. If you want air conditioning, a radio, or power steering, you will have to pay extra.
The car is arriving six months late because of violent protests by farmers and opposition political party leaders overland. Most analysts doubt the company will be able to make more than 50,000 cars in the next year - a far cry from the 250,000 the company had planned to roll out initially.

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