Sunday, March 8, 2009

Congress buys the copyrights for 'Jai Ho' song

Indian National Congress(INC) has bought the copyrights for the song "Jai Ho.." from Slumdog Millionaire. INC has bought it for canvassing and campaigning purposes for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. News has come that INC bought the song for a huge sum of 1 crore rupees. Congress believes that, this song can bring votes in favour of them to win the elections. Since this song is famous in every corner of the country, Congress has chosen this song to reach people easily. Politicians must understand that, people no longer vote for songs or shows but for what they have done to people and their promises. Songs and shows can bring the votes of illiterates only. Politicians must realise that rate of illiterates in India is very low and most among them will not even vote. So politicians must show something in their deeds and service to people, rather than adopting these kinds of silly strategies like buying songs.
Anyways, lets see whether "Jai Ho.." does any magic for Congress.


  1. Please vote for the online petition banning political parties from using songs such as Jai Ho for their election campaigns. Vote here!