Monday, February 2, 2009

Self-Immolations are not the solution to rescue Tamils from the massacre in Sri Lanka. A POLITICAL SOLUTION is needed...

Muthukumar, a tamil youth of 26, commited suicide by self-immolation in protest against the massacre of Tamils in Sri Lanka on 29th January 2009. This guy set fire, not only on himself, but also the emotions and mind of Tamil people making them rise and protest against the Sri Lankan and Indian governments for not bringing the longlasting problem of Tamil Eelam in SriLanka to an end. Following this, a farmer from dindugal district, B. Ravi(40 yrs), allegedly atempted self-immolation to express solidarity with Sri Lankan Tamils, now admitted to Government Hospital. Now, the entire state, (including students, various political parties, actors, etc.,) has jumped into protests for the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Almost all political leaders in Tamilnadu say that only political solution can bring an end to this problem. But the Lankan government choose only Military solution. The World Super-powers and UNO must act with some reponsibility, atleast humanity, and make Sri Lanka drop its Military force against innocent Tamils and solve the problem politically, and rescue the Sri Lankan Tamil race from extinction.

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