Saturday, February 21, 2009

Police and Lawyers clash at Chennai High Court

The keepers of Law (i.e. Lawyers) and the keepers of security in the state (i.e. Police) must go on a single track to maintain law and order in the state. But in Tamilnadu, for the past few months, they have been against each other like cat and rat. This unhealthy situation has become so worse that, the police have latti charged(hit) the lawyers when they protested for the Srilankan Tamil Eelam issue recently at the Chennai High Court premises. Previously, when the law college students were brutally hit by some gangsters, the police just watched the scene instead of trying to rescue the victims, which brought a bad impression on the them, not only among the lawyers, but also among the people of Tamilnadu. Now, in this incident where the lawyers of Chennai high court were brutally hit by the police, many lawyers were badly wounded and admitted in the hospital. These incidents have not only lowered the trust on Police but also brought disrespect to Police among the people of Tamilnadu. This is the question that lies in the heart of every citizen of Tamilnadu about the state police- "They either dont do their duty or do it wrong. When will they do it right??? ".

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