Thursday, February 5, 2009

General Strike all over Tamil Nadu on 05th Feb- A Review

05th Feb was called for a general strike by most of the Political parties and Unions to show the opposition against Sri Lanka's brutal act against Tamil Civilians and to force the Indian and Tamil nadu government to take necessary actions to stop this. It was expected that all shops would be closed and autos would not run and people could not carry on their normal life. School children were very happy that they would get a day's leave.
But nothing happened. Public buses and autos ran. Schools were open, and students' dream for a holiday ended in vain. Almost all shops were open and gained more than usual, as other shops were closed. Chennai traffic was heavy as usual. Might be the strike would have been a success if it was called by the ruling party..
Is the Sri Lankan Tamil issue POLITICISED or Do We really care for our poor suffering Tamilhoods in Sri Lanka.....

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