Thursday, February 26, 2009

Delhi 6 - A Review

"Delhi-6" is seen through the eyes of Roshan(played by Abhishek), an NRI whose first visit to India along with his grandma, changes his entire life. The first half is pretty long and has very little plot but it establishes Delhi and its people in the right sense. The strongest point in the movie is music. A.R. Rahman's score is astounding and rightly depicts the zeal and spirit of Delhi. But the director Rakyesh Mehra could have used the music a lot better. Photography is of high quality. Sonam Kapoor is gorgeous and does a good job. Entire blame is on the screenplay and Rakyesh Mehra for stretching the message beyond necessity. We get the point early on, but Mehra's screenplay laboriously belabours the point.
'Delhi 6' is a film that holds a mirror to the society we live in, but it lacks subtlety and the truth is what you see in the movie is what you already know. Delhi 6 is a movie that has the heart, but its script is too loose and as a result the film ends up as a disappointment. Anyways it is an honest effort.
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